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Fixing up stiffed Crystal Cabinet Knob Handles

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Either steel or crystal knob handles have the ability to embellish the look of home décor to many times. If you think cabinetry hardware as the insignificant part of your décor project, then you are surly wrong. Though not as big elements as other furniture, still they enhance the look of the room to many times. Not only the appearance of knob handles matter, but also their handiness is quite bizarre making you comfortable with opening or closing of your locker. Basically the style of knobs is made especially to fit in your hands smoothly ensuring no issues at all while using the drawer, cabinet or door. There can be some malfunctions in knobs mostly due to the hinges being improperly attached or rusty.

In case your knob handles are not exactly working properly, following are several tips that will help you in solving the problems. Do you feel that door/ cabinet knob is slightly wobble or slack at times of pulling or pushing? Do you sometimes find it difficult to tilt these knobs in case of opening? Don’t be worried though. It’s not very difficult to make these faulty knobs work rightly. Knob handles usually become wobble due to the sloppy installation. Either you miscalculated dimensions at time of knob setting or placement or there is a possibility of negligent screw that is unfortunately placed while tightening the knob on the cabinet or drawer. Lack of polishing or oiling can also result in stiffness in knob handles.

In order to fix these shaky knobs check their condition. Either they have to be replaced by new ones or they can be fixed by removing, cleansing and re-installing them. The problem with the re-installing the hardware will be the overly looseness in the drill for screws. For that, either replace the hardware with the new one or drill new vent for the purpose of tightening of screws to work them longer. If you want to change the knob handles, then be careful to choose the type you are going to buy. You can also switch to the handles rather than using same knobs again. But I will still prefer knobs over handles as they are easy to install and look more appealing than the door handles.

In order to get the right knobs, identify what type of material you want. This is the most important question to answer as the material has significant impact on utility, durability, and reliability of the knobs. Varied knobs materials are used such as; wood, metal & crystal. All of them require different types of cleansing methods. Metal knob handles are usually cleaned using vinegar & baking soda solution. In contrast, wooden hardware uses oil polishing for its cleansing. Whereas, plastic hardware requires be soaking in water and then scrubbing afterwards for grease or stiffness removal and glass & crystal hardware needs only simple wiping.

While cleansing knob handles, first thing has to do first. Remove the knobs from the cabinet or drawer face; apply the cleansing process that totally depends on the material of the knob handles. After they dried up, re-install them on right holes if they are not loosened up. If these knobs are in case still appearing to be stiff, then you could switch to the new knobs rather than using these again which won’t be effective for longer period of time.

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